20150212_HKG_MMC1stDay007Edwin Lee prepares coffee equipment at Linguini Fini in Hong Kong

The Hummingfish Foundation would like to thank our main man Mr. Edwin Lee.  Edwin is a coffee master and Q Grader who has guided and advised us on our Maubere Mountain Coffee project since before it even began.

So much of what Hummingfish does relies of people like Edwin, who generously give their time, expertise and money to help us in our work.

Thank you Edwin, Pamela and the entire Colour Brown Coffee team for your support (Colour Brown)

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Latest News

MMC is official coffee sponsor or TEDx-Lingnan

The Hummingfish Foundation and Maubere Mountain Coffee are very proud to have been the official coffee sponsor for the TEDx-Lingnan University event in Hong Kong recently.

We shared our great coffee with several hundred event participants and even received some donations.

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Maubere Mountain Coffee arrives in Hong Kong

Often when facing a huge challenge, you don’t know if you will be successful or not. You know its a near impossible task and that it will take everything you have in you and more, but you have to try anyway.

So you… Read more


Maubere Mountain Coffee available in three Hong Kong restaurants

Three of Hong Kong’s top restaurants Linguini Fini, Posto Pubblico and Stone Nullah Tavern, have signed a historic agreement with The Hummingfish Foundation and Maubere Mountain Coffee to serve our organically produced, 100% Arabica coffee to their customers

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Volunteer to help Hummingfish

Yi Han Tan (left) and Mana Rosa working on some computer skills

We recently had an amazing volunteer from Singapore name Yi Han Tan.  Yi Han, who took three weeks of his life come to Timor-Leste and help teach some… Read more


Please donate your old smart-device!!!

If you have an old Apple Iphone or Ipad that you are not using, please consider donating it to The Hummingfish Foundation!

Several of our projects would benefit from better communications and now with cheap 3G/wifi available in most countries, we can stay… Read more