Who speaks for nature?

Please take a moment to watch Dan Groshong’s recent TEDx-Dili talk on the values of a green economy for the world and Timor-Leste.

Each of us are at fault for global climate change and WE are the key to positive change. Oil companies produce fossil fuels because we demand cheap gas. Timber companies clear forests because we demand wood and paper products. Oceans are choked with trash because we demand convenience. If we stop consuming, they will stop destroying.

Every choice you make as a consumer has an impact on our ecosystem. Join us today on a path to a sustainable future by making the right choices as a consumer.



Latest News

Laloran Cummunity-based Ecolodge

At the request of the Laloran community, Hummingfish will be temporarily suspending our development project there.

We wish our friends at Laloran the best of luck and we stand ready to assist them when they are willing and able.

As an NGO, it’s… Read more


5 years of adding value to nature

Five years ago, we received our charitable status from the Government of Hong Kong and it has been an amazing journey so far. We have been so blessed by the participation of so many loving people and the results of everyone’s efforts has

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Sweet Valley Afghanistan

Approximately 2,000 BC, grapes were grown in Afghanistan by a nomadic people who spread across Central Asia. Before the Soviet-Afghan War started in the late 1970s, Afghanistan had accounted for 60% of the world raisin market. This dried fruit was the country’s largest

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Volunteer to help Hummingfish

Yi Han Tan (left) and Mana Rosa working on some computer skills

We recently had an amazing volunteer from Singapore name Yi Han Tan.  Yi Han, who took three weeks of his life come to Timor-Leste and help teach some… Read more


Please donate your old smart-device!!!

If you have an old Apple Iphone or Ipad that you are not using, please consider donating it to The Hummingfish Foundation!

Several of our projects would benefit from better communications and now with cheap 3G/wifi available in most countries, we can stay… Read more