Tayo Photo Group Ltd.

Tayo Photo Group was founded in 2002 in Hong Kong by Daniel J. Groshong and Graham Uden.  Tayo offers stock sales, assignment work and design/publishing services in a wide range of photographic styles.  Always professional, Tayo Photo Group is a great organization to work with on any kind of photographic, design or publish project.

Tayo Photo Group is actually the seed that sprouted The Hummingfish Foundation and Daniel J. Groshong has worked literally tens of thousand of hours over the years to put The Hummingfish Foundation together.  Tayo Photo Group has allowed Groshong to make a meager living, as he has worked on THF.  Without Tayo Photo Group and all that it has accomplished over the years, there would be no Hummingfish Foundation.

To learn more about Tayo Photo Group and to search their extensive photo archive, please visit Tayo’s website…

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