May 1st, 2011_Shangri-La, Yunnan, China_ People gather for a local festival, near the tiny village of Rime, near the town of Zhongdian (or Shangri-La) in northern Yunnan province, China. Several of these families take advantage of "Home Stays," by opening their homes to visiting tourists. Photographer: Daniel J. Groshong/The Hummingfish Foundation


During a recent trip to northern Yunnan province in China, we had the most lovely time staying in the home of an local family.  It was a modest home for sure, but the family was so kind and generous to us every moment.  They cooked for us, made us Yak milk tea, sent one of the young men to guide us on a hike up the mountain behind their house and invited us to join them for a horse riding festival.

Seeing the amount of money that is being made with mass tourism in China, some of the local people of China are tempted to tear down there traditional homes to build what they think the mass tourists wants to see. In the process, loosing their cultural and traditional ways of life forever.

The Hummingfish Foundation is in the process of developing a project, which will create a “Home-stay Association.”  A central website, where we can list home-stays, allowing potential visitors to easily find a home-stay near them.  We will also offer support to the families to help them better enhance the visitors experience.

The Hummingfish Foundation has recently purchased the URL as well as a specialized software designed for real-estate companies.  We are now in the process of designing a very powerful and helpful tool for finding home-stays in a Chinese province near you.

Please have a look at our two China photo galleries, one on Organic Farming and the other on General China, including northern Yunnan province.




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