You can help to protect and restore coral reefs

September 15th 2007- Bali, Indonesia- A dive site known as Post Two, which is located just off Menjangan Island, near the plains and hills of the West Bali National Park, in full view of Java, a four-hour drive from the throng of activity around Bali's international airport Photograph by Daniel J. Groshong/Tayo Photo Group

The Hummingfish Foundation’s friend Gaia Discovery (website) is encouraging people to take part in a very positive, helpful and fun dive holiday.

Love diving?  Love nature and the marine environment?  Take a dive holiday in Indonesia’s Gili Trawangan island and help rebuild the coral reefs at the same time.

Singapore, 31 March 2011. Gaia Discovery is taking on a series of environmental projects in Southeast Asia, starting with coral gardening and assisted reef restoration programmes. It seeks the participation of scuba divers from around the world to join its scheduled group trips beginning 14 May 2011.

Biorock structures are built according to need and can withstand wave action.For a start, it has partnered with Big Bubble resort and dive centre to clean up the existing coral reefs and lay new ones at Gili Trawangan, Indonesia. Through this initiative, the island will have new coral reefs that will provide shelter for fish, encourage new fish growth, promote marine biodiversity and prevent beach erosion. The programmes benefit the island’s fishing industry and marine tourism that are under threat due to environmental pollution, climate change and warming temperatures.

“We have been reporting on the environmental outlook in Asia through Gaia Discovery with special interest on threatened marine environments. Going a step further, we now provide opportunities for people to care for marine environments through personal involvement and positive action,” said Mallika Naguran, publisher of Gaia Publications and Managing Director of Gaia Discovery Eco Solutions. (read more about this project)

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