Robert White-Harvey

Special thanks to Mr. Robert White-Harvey for donating his great photographs from Timor-Leste.

Mr. White-Harvey visited Timor-Leste in March of 2011 and was generous enough to add his images to the photographic archive housed here at The Hummingfish Foundation and used to promote Timor-Leste to the world.

We know that you can’t sell tourism without pictures and every great picture in the archive has a chance to influence the next potential nature loving tourist to go and visit Timor-Leste.



March 19th 2011_JACO, TIMOR-LESTE_ Blue waters and white sand beaches surround Valu Beach and the sacred Jaco Island at the eastern most tip of Timor Island. Photographer: Robert White-Harvey/The Hummingfish Foundation

Please take some time to view Mr. White-Harvey’s image gallery.









Read Mr. White-Harvey’s article in Asian Journeys Magazine.


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