More independent lab results for Ai-Funan

Test #1 (Coffee)

We have received two more independent lab test results for Ai-Funan soaps and of course the results are very good.

Ai-Funan soaps are in compliance with all US FDA, China PRC and Hong Kong SAR standards for cosmetics.

Read for yourself;
Conclusion(s) : 1. The test result of submitted sample complied with the FDA regulation for use of mercury compounds (max. 1ppm) in cosmetics including use as skin bleaching agents regarding 21 CFR 700.13. 根據測試結果,所提供之樣本符合美國食物及藥 物管理局第 21 CFR 700.13 之化妝品最高汞含量 (1ppm).

2. The test results of the submitted sample complied with the GB 7916-87 Hygienic Standard for Cosmetics. 根據測試結果, 所提供之樣本符合中華人民共和國之化妝品衛生標準 GB 7916-8



Test #2 (Frangipani)



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