Maubere Mountain Coffee arrives in Hong Kong

20150124_17324101Often when facing a huge challenge, you don’t know if you will be successful or not. You know its a near impossible task and that it will take everything you have in you and more, but you have to try anyway.

So you put your head down, grit your teeth and start off on your climb. Your hot, hungry, thirsty and you feel like dying, but still you manage to pull something from deep inside you that pushes you forward. After what seems like forever, you pause for a rest and look up for a moment only to realize that the summit is just within reach. One more push and you will be standing in a place you had only dreamed of before. You look back and realize how far you have actually traveled against all odds and that gives you a renewed energy. You are now full of life and you know that your dream of achieving the impossible will surly be realized. There is still potential disasters ahead of you, but it looks like the worst is behind you.

Yesterday, the first batch of Maubere Mountain Coffee arrived in Hong Kong and if everything goes well, it will be available at three of Hong Kong’s top restaurants Linguini Fini, Posto Pubblico and Stone Nullah starting February 1st.

This is an historic moment for the people of Laclubar, who have worked so hard to achieve this victory. They have managed against all odds to take themselves from the bottom of Timor’s coffee industry to near the top.

Congratulations everyone!!

Learn more about the Maubere Mountain Coffee project

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