Daniel J. Groshong appears on GDTV’s Facetime.

Hummingfish Founding Director appears on the inaugural US broadcast of Guangdong TV.

Groshong spoke for 20 minutes on Facetime, with Mary Zheng, the show’s host about his career as a photographer and the founding of The Hummingfish foundation.

Take some time to view the segment on the GDTV website. (Facetime)


新闻摄影师Daniel Groshong用自己的镜头记录了世界上许多发生过动乱的国家的照片:索马里、雅加达、东帝汶和阿富汗。曾亲身经历了辛普森杀妻案;潜入洛杉矶东部黑帮 组织拍下他们的日常生活。目前他正在香港创立了一个叫做Hummingfish的慈善网站,帮助东帝汶女工创建她们的事业。本期节目将与这位摄影师聊聊这 些事件的始末以及他内心世界的故事。




A picture is worth a thousand words. Our guest today captured some of the biggest news stories with his camera.  He has spent time covering conflicts in Somalia, Jakarta, East Timor and Afghanistan as well as some of the major news stories in the states including the infamous OJ Simpson trial, 3 Academy Awards and capturing one of the most notorious street gangs in East Los Angeles

Air Time: 31th, Mar, 2012

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