Facts about Haiti

Currency: Gourde
French, Haitian Creole
Population (2009):
Country code:
•French colony declared (Treaty of Ryswick) – 30 October 1697
•Independence declared – 1 January
•Independence recognized from France – 17 April 1825


We made a good beginning, and before the earthquake I believed that Haiti was closer than ever to securing a bright future. Despite this tragedy, I still believe that Haiti can succeed. First we must care for the injured, take care of the dead, and sustain those who are homeless, jobless and hungry. As we clear the rubble, we will create better tomorrows by building Haiti back better: with stronger buildings, better schools and health care; with more manufacturing and less deforestation; with more sustainable agriculture and clean energy.”

“Several sectors will be ripe for opportunities to do business, including agribusiness, tourism, textiles, crop processing, call centers, and alternative energy.”

Bill Clinton Former US President and UN Special Representative to Haiti, 2010

Haiti is located at the center of a region known for outstandingly beautiful landscapes and relaxing tropical holidays. Few places in the world offer as much to eco-tourists as the Caribbean and Central America.  From the far-flung Corn Islands off the East coast of Nicaragua, to the pristine rainforests of Guyana and Suriname, to the flocks of spectacular scarlet Ibis in Trinidad’s Caroni Swamp to the Turks and Caicos Island’s third largest coral reef system in the world. Belize offers the second largest barrier reef in the world, after the famed Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Neighboring Dominican Republic received US$4.2 billion in tourism revenues in 2008, its second largest source of revenue. This project will give Haiti the tools needed to benefit from a bigger share of this important eco-tourism market.




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Adding value to Heritage & Nature in Haiti

In 1492, famed explorer Christopher Columbus described Haiti as “a paradise on earth.”

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